The Opportunity REIT Investment Strategy

  • The Opportunity REIT has a clearly defined and repeatable four-step investment process.
  • The Opportunity REIT is designed to generate investor returns through capital
    appreciation by buying, fixing, stabilizing and selling multifamily properties.

  1. Any potential cash distributions are intended to be paid from property cash flow; however, our charter permits us to pay distributions from any source including offering proceeds, borrowings, sales of assets, or waivers or deferrals of fees otherwise owed to our advisor. To date, we have yet to pay any cash distributions.


Resource Real Estate Opportunity REIT, Inc., closed its public offering effective as of the close of business December 13, 2013.

Investment Process Video Presentation

Resource Real Estate Opportunity REIT, Inc. Investment Process Video

What is Distressed Real Estate?

There are generally three types of
"Distressed" real estate conditions.

Market Distress:

  • Refers to the general market conditions
    and how they impact real estate.
  • Overall weak economy and depressed
    real estate market

Seller Distress:

  • Real estate owner's financial status
    is compromised
  • Seller under significant pressure to sell
    a property into a low-priced environment
  • Loan on the property is approaching
    or in default
  • Property owner usually forced to sell
    at significant discount

Property Distress:

  • Property is mismanaged, falls into disrepair
  • Poor operating economics
  • Most often a result of the combination
    of seller distress and market distress
  • Multifamily housing is typically the most
    vulnerable sector to property distress

Distressed Real Estate Chart